TUTORIAL | After Effects Lower Third Motion template for premiere 2017 PART III

Hi everyone!
Here we gonna see how to create a motion template in after effects and then we can reuse in premiere and also we can customize most of the parameters NOTE for this project we must have the latest after effects and premiere pro 2017 v11.00 meaning in the previews versions we won’t be available to create the motion template for the latest essential graphics…

Also we created an amazing motion templates ready to use in premiere (2017 v11.0) you can download on my website nerastudio with a small cost of $5.00 dollars, you are not obligated to buy, donate if you are not sure it will work for you, now if you really want to appreciate my work or time i put on all the projects i uploaded for free to download you my support me donating on paypal the easiest and safest way to do…

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