After Effects Widding Template

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Hi to everyone!
Well this is a announcement, a little different than usual, i know you might gonna stop visiting my site after this, after been working, for a long time and many hours spending on. i decide to upload this after effects project, but this time( NOT FOR FREE), us you see i am asking for a little donation, (small amount $5.00) with this i’m not pushing, obligating to donate or buy, but if you really appreciate or understand, the hard work or time i had to put on, to get this done…
Now in case you decide to appreciate our hard work, feel free to proceed, for now we’re using (PAYPAL)as payment method, the security way and trustful…
This Elegant Wedding Photo Slideshow, it is only for Adobe After Effects, no plug-ins required. Music no included, available to download on Nera Studio please check this out, and make sure to visit the site.This template is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you can use it simply for a declaration of love, an anniversary or any other romantic celebration.

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