How to create Cinematic Title in premiere pro 2017 with pre-made matte particles

Hi this is Nera Studio once again after long time (2 years basically) due a personal reasons, well in this tutorial we gonna create a cinematic title using the assets which you can download by clicking the download the project button located at the right side, this tutorial can be opened only in Premiere Pro 2017 (sorry) i really apologize for the Inconvenience, also you can check the full package gallery and see if you might interested to download and create a awesome projects in premiere, after effects, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Davince Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avi …


In order to download the full pack you need to unlock on patreon with a small donation, but if you really are interested to have the file in quickTime= MOV & H264=MP4 Please read the description on the page and then click this link to unlock…


In this project file you will have the following files 001_Particles_Explo-4K_30fps.mp4, 001_Starts_Title_Opener_4K_30fps.mp4,




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