How to create a real grass in AE 2015 | Thinking in a green Universe

Welcome to another After Effects tutorial in this video we gonna learn how to create a realistic grass, from scratch, a quick message to keep a green Universe RECYCLING, this idea came out from a photo i took with my phone tow week ago, and i realized how we can put this alive ANIMATION, in here we gonna need cc hair preset from after effect, we are not going to use any other third party plug-in, to follow along this tutorial you need to watch our two last videos How to Animate Butterfly & Birds Using three methods in After Effects 2015 & After Effects Creating Advanced Text Animations & Save as Preset.

Also watch the last video we created two days ago to have a reference how far we can go with little creativity, and putting a little time on after effects. in order to have this preview project or the tut project you need to have the
INFINITY GROWING FLOURISH SWIRLS PACK the password will be inside the pack so feel free to ask anything question, comments or requests…

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