Essential Puzzle Motion Elements Pack

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Essential Puzzle Motion Elements Pack for Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Over 100 Creative Elements Accents Burst lines, ellipses, rombus, polygons, stars etc, for your Adobe Premiere Projects.
Uniquely designed and stylishly ELEMENTS for Promo Opener, Intros, Promotions, Events, YouTube Videos, Trailers and much more…

These are .mogrt files. They may have some customization limitations, so for some changes you must need After Effects installed on your computer even if you don’t know how to use it, if so, you can download trial version of these Software.

NOTE! This is .MOGRTS only for premiere pro  2019 v13.1+ . They are properly tested in Most Languages Software Version, in case you are using premiere pro in different language Spanish, Germany …

NOTE! This is for UNIVERSAL EXPRESSIONS LANGUAGE, please don’t confuse with names or descriptions named…

All the graphics are customizeble drawing and dropping, the After Effects project is not included, but is optional to download after you pay for the MOGRTS Pack, without any cost, only if you know how to use after effects…


All the Fonts can be downloaded from different website totally free:

Bebas Neue

Arial Bold

Lato bold, Black

Montserrat Light

Montserrat Bold

Helvetica Regular

Kohinoor Bangla Bold

Roboto Pack

Raleway Pack

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